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About Us

We get it. We’ve spent hours searching the web just like you to get answers to our Salesforce questions. We’ve watched YouTube Videos, participated in forums, and read all the blog posts. We thought there must be an easier way for sales leaders, users, and admins to get answers, so we created Salesforce Ask Me Anything.

How It Works

You will submit a question along with your email address. Our team will get back to you with a response within 48 hours.

These questions might look like:

Your question and response will be posted on the site.

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About Cloud Synergy

At Cloud Synergy, we recognize that with rapid development of advanced technology small and medium businesses are able to leverage the same solutions as large corporations. With access to new technology comes the opportunity to transform your business into a data driven organization.

Technology alone is not enough to improve your business. We believe your first customers in implementing technology are your employees. By immersing ourselves into our client’s businesses, both physically and virtually, we bridge the gap between business, your people, and technology. Specializing in small/medium business solutions, Cloud Synergy places emphasis on user adoption, speed of delivery, and development of a strategy.