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June 29, 2020

How to Use Chatter Streams to Improve Sales Team Collaboration

How to Use Chatter Streams to Increase Collaboration

There are many different ways to use Chatter for sales collaboration. We’ll be looking at using Chatter streams. I’ve clicked on this Chatter tab in the top menu. On the left side menu, you can see that I’ve got two streams – Compete and ROI. To demonstrate how Chatter streams works, we’re going to test out a Chatter post on a different opportunity and see how it flows into one of these streams.

How to Create a Chatter Stream

To create a new stream, click on the plus button next to streams in the left side menu. It will pop up a new window saying new stream. You can name your stream and then you can choose what records to follow. You can also, instead of choosing individual records, you can choose a topic.

Chatter Streams Use Case

In this use case, we want our sales team to flag all opportunities where we’re dealing with a compete. Let’s say I’m a rep and I’m working this opportunity that is a good example of a compete opportunity. I would click into the opportunity and then click on Chatter. In the post, the rep writes ” [#Compete] We have one of our main competitors here and we’re working on this deal.” I’m going to say this is a good example to win deals versus competitors because of A, B and D.

If I go into Chatter from the top menu and click on the compete stream in the left side menu, you’ll see that this post now pops up linked to the opportunity as well. In a case where you want to have all your sales reps sharing their information and sharing this best practices, you can see how setting up a stream for those different topics can help you facilitate that collaboration.

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