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June 29, 2020

How to Send List Emails in Salesforce Lightning

How To Send List Emails

A nice feature that’s available in Salesforce is the send list email feature. In Salesforce Lightning, when you are on a lead or contact list view, you are able to either select the entire list view or click individual ones. After selecting the contacts, you can click the drop down button next to Add to Campaign. You will see the send list email option.

The send list email may or may not be available depending on how your organization has been customized. The reasons why send list email may not be available vary from company to company. If you don’t see this available and you’d like to use it, it’s probably a good time to talk to your Salesforce administrator and see why it is not available.

If I click send list email, it’s going to pop up a window where I can see my selected recipients. I can add content and a subject line. I can also use an email template. If I click email template button and I have prebuilt templates in Salesforce, I can drag them in here and go ahead and fire off an email.

This is a good tool if you have constant updates that you want to send out to certain users. A lot of times, organizations won’t use this feature specifically for sales prospecting. It might be reaching out for more of a to-do type of activity such as asking for a W-9 from a client.

There are some limitations for how many emails you can send out of Salesforce. The two main variables are how many emails you can send at once and then how many emails your entire organization can send in a day. So there are some limitations there. This isn’t meant to replace your email marketing tool. It’s just a base feature that you can use to mass outreach.

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