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June 29, 2020

What Type of Salesforce Licensing Do I Have?

How to Find Your Salesforce Licensing Information

In order to determine what type of licensing you have in Salesforce, go to the top right area and click on the gear then on Setup. Once you’re in Setup, in the quick find area here on the top left, you can type in, Company and you see that Company Information pops up.

Now, if I click into this Company Information, you’ll see various details about your organization. You can see th Organization ID. Right below that, we have the organization edition. The edition I’m showing you is the Developer Edition. Often if you’re working with a connected app, a consultant or an admin will ask, “What type of licensing do you have?” They’re asking about both the version and the apps that you’ve licensed.

What are the Different Salesforce Licensing Options?

The Organization Edition is where you find your edition information. The options include professional edition, enterprise edition and essentials edition. Each one of those editions have different features such as API access

If you scroll down a little bit further, you can see all of the types of user licensing that you have available, both the total available and the used. There are two different types of licensing here – User Licenses and Permission Set Licenses. It depends on what you’re checking for and what type of app it is. You’ll want to make sure you check both of these sections to find the information you need.

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